Thursday, March 28, 2013

☻ Letters Ice Cube Tray Set ☻

Cheap Letters Ice Cube Tray Set

Now there is a new way to chill out this summer! Put a little educational fun into your drink chillers next time you have a BBQ cookout or birthday party for your 8 year old. The Letters Ice Cube Tray Set is great for kids and adults alike. You make 48 letters with each tray, the ice comes out with a light tap when you flip the tray over, and out falls the special ice cubes with clearly embossed letters. The Letters Ice Cube Tray Set is made of high quality polypropylene plastic, very easy to clean and safe to use. Customize your guests' drinks with selected ice letters cubes dropped in their drinks. They'll be trying to spell something with the cubes anyway, why not make them feel more special when they can spell their names with the ice letter cubes? You'll never hold another dull party again with the Letters Ice Cube Tray Set, now just make sure you've made enough for your guests in case they've decided to play scrabble on their plates.

Letters Ice Cube Tray Set

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Letters Ice Cube Tray Set Features :

  • Size: Tray: 29.5*17.5*2.3cm
  • Letter Cube: 2.3*2.3*2.3cm
  • Weight: 98g
  • Material: PP Plastic

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Letters Ice Cube Reviews
, 9 out of 10. based on 24 ratings

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