Thursday, March 28, 2013

☻ Anti Spill Lid Fisherman Lids ☻

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Open your kitchen cabinet and the chances are that you have so many different cups and mugs because the travel cups need a lid. Imagine taking your favourite cup with you everywhere you go! With the lazy Fisherman Anti-Spill Lid you can as it transforms any cup (less than 10cm in diameter) into a travel cup! The anti-spill lid works by creating a suction effect. It is also a great way to keep your cups insect-free and dust-free!Watch the little yellow fisherman enjoying his fishing trip on a beautiful blue lake while protecting your cup to use simply put the lid over your cup or mug and give the little man a squeeze! This takes out all the air in your cup and the lid is now tightly closed! Now you can carry it with you or put in the cup holder in your car and your drink will not spill out! You can also rest your spoon between the fisherman and his basket, or maybe hang a teabag off the fishing rod? Please note this anti-spill lid only works if you have cold or warm drinks in the cup .

Anti Spill Lid Fisherman Lids

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Anti Spill Lid Fisherman Lids Features :

  • Fisherman Anti Spill Lid

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